Hiring Additional Trainees for your Production

Why should you take a second Trainee?

  • You will hire a screened and trained addition to your production team that can perform DGA duties

  • Trainees have had classroom-based curriculum that includes Production Forms, Creating Call Sheets, CPR & First Aid, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE & Teamster Contracts, Safety on the Set, Staging Background Action and many more…


Stretches production dollars…

  • The reimbursement will cover 20% of the additional trainee's base salary

How do you begin? 

Please download our Part 1 paperwork.  Part 1's Working Papers form will need to be completed and submitted to the Training Plan prior to the Trainee starting on your production so an Agreement can be drafted.

 >> Additional Trainee Part I

How do you request reimbursement monies?

Please download our Part 2 paperwork.  Part 2's Payment Request form must be submitted within 90 days after principle photography has ended in order to qualify for reimbursement.  Back-up documents to show proof of trainee's employment and payment from your production's accounting department must accompany it.  We generally accept approved timecards with pay stubs.  

 >>Additional Trainee Part 2

Please contact the Assistant Directors Training Plan for more information at 818-386-2545, or email mail@dgptp.com for details.

DGA Basic Agreement  Article 14-103 specifically addresses Los Angeles Trainees working as addtional trainees on production

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