Hiring Trainees for Distant Location Productions

 Why should you hire a Trainee?

  • Trainees are a screened and trained addition to your production team and they can perform DGA duties

  • Trainees have had classroom-based curriculum that includes: Production Forms, Creating Call Sheets, First Aid, SAG, IATSE & Basic Crafts Contracts, Safety on the Set, Staging Background Action and many more...

Stretches production dollars…

  • The Distant Location Incentive Program can cover up to 50% of the trainee's housing, and 100% of travel and per diem costs while on distant location

  • Your costs of taking a trainee to a distant location are further reduced because trainees do not have to travel “first class”

  • Trainees do not receive pay for non-worked 6th and/or 7th days on distant location

  • The amount of the trainee’s per diem is not fixed contractually and you are entitled to deduct the cost of provided meals from daily totals

How do you begin? 

Please download our Distant Location Part 1 paperwork.  Part 1's Working Papers form will need to be completed and submitted to the Training Plan prior to the Trainee starting on your production so an Agreement can be drawn up.

 >> Distant Location Part 1

How do you request reimbursement monies?

Please download our Distant Location Part 2 paperwork.  Part 2's Payment Request form must be submitted within 90 days after principle photography has ended in order to qualify for reimbursement.  Back-up documents to show proof of employment and payment from your production's accounting department must accompany it.  We generally accept approved timecards with pay stubs for their time of employment on your production.  

 >> Distant Location Part 2

Please contact the Assistant Directors Training Plan for more information at 818-386-2545, or email mail@dgptp.com for details.

To view the DGA Basic Agreement online, at www.dga.org,  Article 14-100 to 14-113.  This specifically addresses Los Angeles Trainees working conditions.

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