Hiring Trainees on Low Budget Features

Why should you hire a Trainee?

  • Trainees are a screened and trained addition to your production team and they can perform DGA duties

  • Trainees have had classroom-based curriculum that includes: Production Forms, Creating Call Sheets, First Aid, SAG, IATSE & Basic Crafts Contracts, Safety on the Set, Staging Background Action and many more...

Stretches production dollars…

  • Under the Low Budget Sideletter, the only relevant variance from the Basic Agreement is that the hourly and weekly rates in Article 14-103 can be discounted by the specified percentage at each tier, provided no single hour is paid at less than federal or state minimum wage.  All other provisions of 14-100, including 14-103 (a) - (d), apply.  Further, each of these productions contributes, as they always have, the 3/8% of each covered AD and UPM's salary, to fund the Training Plan

  • Please reference our Trainee Rates to learn more about the discounted rates, the highest tier at 90% of BA scale! 

How do you begin? 

Please contact the Assistant Directors Training Program to see if your production qualifies for this incentive.  We will walk you through the process since no agreement is necessary to participate. 

>> Low Budget Feature Fact Sheet

For more information call us at 818-386-2545, or email mail@dgptp.com.

To view the DGA Basic Agreement online, at www.dga.org,  Article 14-100 to 14-113.  This specifically addresses Los Angeles Trainees working conditions.

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