Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (12/21/2020):

2021 Application season has officially closed!  Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

Our Trustees and staff have decided to postpone 2020 Assessment Center until further notice.  Emails have been sent to all candidates whether they have been invited or not.  Please email us if you believe you should have received a response.

DGPTP staff will continue to telework during our normal business hours at this time (Mon- Fri, 9am-5:30pm).  

We ask that all inquiries be emailed to us at as it's checked frequently.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as this may cause a delay to some of our regular processes including stipend payments.  Thank you, and please stay well!


Trainees can now be hired for DGA Low Budget projects!


Click on Low Budget Trainee Facts for the fact sheet and Trainee Wage Table with the adjusted Low Budget rates.  Please give us a call to discuss this great opportunity to have a Trainee on your Low Budget feature project.


When considering hiring a Trainee for your project under the Low Budget Sideletter, the only relevant variance from the Basic Agreement is that the hourly and weekly rates in Article 14-103 can be discounted by the specified percentage at each tier, provided no single hour is paid at less than federal or state minimum wage.  All other provisions of 14-100, including 14-103 (a) - (d), apply.


Further, each of these productions contributes, as they always have, the 3/8% of each covered AD and UPM's salary, to fund the Training Plan. 

DGPTP Safety Training for DGA Members

For information on DGPTP Safety Training for DGA members, 

click on the Safety Training Update page for more details.

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