Earlier this week we received the heartbreaking news that our Board Chair and dear friend Steven Knauss passed away at the age of 42. Steven became a DGPTP Trustee in 2015 and has since been a vital part of this program. In addition to serving as Chair, Steven worked on several committees and had recently been promoted to Associate Western Executive Director for the DGA. Our staff, board and trainees had a great deal of respect for Steven and will remember him fondly.

We can't believe our 2019 trainees are beginning to graduate! We're proud of all they have accomplished and feel confident they are leaving the program with the tools to be incredible Assistant Directors. Watch out world!

Last summer we welcomed 16 new trainees to the program. They're all hard at work on various projects, some even hitting their 100 day marks in the program. We look forward to watching them develop into skilled Assistant Directors!