Safety Training



Los Angeles DGPTP Safety Training classes are being offered online for members that have not completed their now mandatory training. Those of you that need to complete this training will receive an email from the DGA with the instructions that will tell you how to login and complete the online training.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed this class or you will not be eligible to work. For up-to-date contact information regarding Safety Pass Training, please click here.

DGA Members May Attend Supplemental Safety Pass Program Classes


You may go to the CSATF website and view upcoming supplemental Safety Pass Training classes that DGA members are permitted to attend. 


If you choose to participate in this supplemental training, it is considered voluntary and you will not qualify for a stipend reimbursement but you will receive credit for successful completion of any of these classes.


Please go to for a current schedule of classes and call CSATTF to reserve a seat!