Stipend Form and Card Replacement

How to request your Stipend* Payment...


In order to receive your stipend payment for completing DGPTP Safety Training, click on the applicable link(s) below to obtain the form.

>>Safety Pass OR Harassment Prevention Training Stipend

>>Covid-19 Prevention Training Stipend


At this time, please do not mail us a hard copy since we are working remotely.  Email a scanned or digitally signed version to

Please allow 4-8 weeks to receive the stipend payment.  If you do not receive your stipend payment or there are issues regarding it, please email us at We will be glad to assist you.

How to replace a lost Safety Passport or Card ...


Follow the instructions below to update your personal information with CSATTF, or to request a Passcard replacement.


Go to, scroll down to the "Personal Information Update" header, and click on the "Passcard Replacement" link.


A PDF form will open.


Be sure to fill in all applicable fields, print legibly, sign and return the form using one of the following methods:


Mail to:

Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund

2710 Winona Avenue

Burbank, CA 91504


Fax to:



E-mail to:

Click on the above link to download Adobe Reader

Stipend* Request FAQ


I took the DGA Safety Training previously.  Do I need to do it again?

No.  You may call our office at (818) 386-2545 and we can confirm that you in fact attended the class.


I would like to take this class again.  Can I RSVP and re-attend?

Currently we are only offering this to DGA members that have not taken this class in the past.  We need to ensure everyone that has not already taken this class has the opportunity to be trained by July 1, 2014.  Once this deadline has passed, repeat attendance will be considered.


Where do I RSVP?

The DGA RSVP line.  Go to the members only page and log in for the DGA Calendar.  Note that you must RSVP at least three (3) business days prior to the class.


Stipend Payment Questions

Who can apply for a stipend?**

The DGPTP offers a stipend to Assistant Directors, Unit Production Managers, Stage Managers and Associate Directors in the motion picture and television industry for whom this training is mandatory and are on the Southern California Qualification Lists, Southern California Eligible to Work Lists and/or Associate Directors and Stage Managers eligible to work in Southern California list who successfully complete the course.


Can I get a “retro” payment for voluntarily taking the Safety Pass Course before the mandatory roll out?

No.  In accordance with the July 1, 2011 agreement between the DGA and The Alliance Of Motion Picture & Television Producers ("AMPTP") a new section 14-114  ”additional training " was added to the DGA Basic Agreement.  That new section provides, among other things, that “once the training course becomes mandatory, the Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan shall pay employees who attend the safety passport training course…”.  The DGA and AMPTP determined that mandatory training begins as of October 1, 2013.  Therefore, payments will be made to individuals who attend mandatory training classes on or after October 1, 2013.


Why is a stipend paid now that training is mandatory?

As noted in the response to the question above, new section 14-114 of the DGA Basic Agreement requires that "The Directors Guild-Producer Training Plan shall pay employees who attend the safety passport training course . . ."


How do I get my stipend payment?

You would complete the applicable “Stipend Acknowledgement Form”.  Click above on the form(s) for the training you completed, and return it to the email address noted on the form.  You will receive a check in 4-8 weeks.


Where do I mail the completed “Stipend Acknowledgement Form”?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and staff working remotely, we ask that you please submit your forms electronically and email them to our general email address.  When Safer-at-Home orders are lifted and staff has returned to the office full-time, we will resume acceptance of hard copy versions.

I mailed my form in but never received the check.  What do I do?

Email us and we will be glad to assist you with this issue.


What happens if I do not attend this training by July 1, 2014?

Because it is now a condition of employment based on the language in the DGA Basic Agreement, you will be ineligible to work.

* The DGPTP/ADTP does not withhold taxes on these stipend payments as these payments are not compensation.  For questions regarding possible tax implications please contact your tax advisor.  You are responsible for payment and reporting of any taxes relating to the stipend payments.

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