Trainee Incentive & Reimbursement Programs

If you are an employer, we offer several incentive programs to you that may help alleviate some of the costs of hiring a trainee (or multiple!) on your production.  Our programs include:

Additional Trainee

20% reimbursement off of each trainee you hire in addition to your main trainee on your production.  Applies to regular weekly assignments, as well as day plays. Many productions have an agreement on file for their entire season and hire additional trainees for large background days, multiple locations/units shoots, or when a crew member falls ill and they need an extra set of hands for the day. 

Distant Location

50% reimbursement on a trainee's housing, and 100% of travel and per diem costs.  Trainees do not have to travel 'first class', and do not receive pay for non-worked 6th or 7th days on location.  


Low Budget Feature

Discounted rates up to 90% of BA Scale depending your production's Low Budget Agreement.  

Why should you hire a Trainee?

  • Trainees are a screened and trained addition to your production team and they can perform DGA duties

  • Trainees have had classroom-based curriculum that includes: Production Forms, Creating Call Sheets, First Aid, SAG, IATSE & Basic Crafts Contracts, Safety on the Set, Staging Background Action and many more...


  • All LA ADTP Incentive Programs (with exception of the Low Budget Feature) require an Agreement be drafted and executed prior to the trainee's start on that production. Download the respective Part I paperwork and submit your Working Papers to us so we can calculate the capped reimbursement amount.  

  • All trainees, including additional trainees on staff, must be supervised by a 2nd AD at all times, as per DGA BA Article 14. 

  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted in a timely manner (usually within 90 days after principle photography concludes) or all monies will be forfeited!  Download our respective Part 2 and/or Payment Request Forms and attach the required back-up documentation so we can calculate your reimbursement amount and get your production paid.  

To learn more about each incentive, click on the corresponding page or contact the Assistant Directors Training Program for more information at 818-386-2545.  Thank you! 

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